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Gravity Roller Conveyors

Project Description

Gravity roller conveyor (GRC) is a cost effective method of moving goods from A to B.

The track relies on product movement either by using a gravity fall or manual pushing/shunting. Trialing sample cartons on a section of GRC can be essential, specifically to determine pitch and roller capacity in relation to the load.

The two main types of gravity conveyor are roller or skatewheel. Skatewheel type utilise 48mm dia. wheels and are available in either plastic or aluminium. The benefits are they have low inertia and orientation characteristics although they do rely on the product having a good flat base if not used in conjunction with a slave board.

Roller type come in varying diameters from 20mm to 100mm and widths and can be supplied in steel, stainless and PVC. Roller type is a better option for heavier/unstable loads. Rollers/wheels are usually mounted within pressed steel channel although aluminium and lattice type side sections are available where lightweight properties and space are important factors.

Sections come in standard 3 metre length but other lengths, bends, merges etc are available in conjunction with turntables/lifts, stops, sideguards etc. enabling system layouts to be produced to customers need.

Track supports to main stability and safety within applications are set at intervals of 1.5 – 3 metres dependent on load, with various heights available to suit customer requirements.

Full technical specification for the these type of conveyors available on request, click here to contact us.

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