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Sortation conveyor systems generally receive mixed unit loads and discharge them to designated locations or outfeed conveyors, in response to signals from automatic control systems.
Active Handling Systems has considerable experience in providing high performance solutions for distribution centres in which sortation has been a key part of the materials handling system specifications.

Sortation systems are often designed for diverse product handling and high throughput requirements of today’s warehousing and distribution centres. They often incorporate a range of modular
conveyors including sorters, transfers and merges. Throughput rates depend upon item lengths, weights, conveyor speed, and required spacing between products.

UNI-XU60 Powered Roller

Pallet Handling

Active Handling Systems’ pallet conveyors provide the in-plant
transport links between production, warehouse, order picking
and despatch. All too often pallets are stored in racks or stacked
and then transported by forklift truck. This can create capacity
shortfalls and pallets can be subject to damage.

Whether you need to transport, stop and accumulate, reorient,
or stage loads, we offer cost-effective pallet handling systems
that give years of reliable service. In conjunction with control
software, pallets can be transported, stored, located, picked
and distributed as an automatic process.

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